POF : POF Experiment

POF : POF Experiment

I have been on POF for a while and I have experienced the wall of silence that most guys experience on this terrible excuse for a way of meeting eligible people for relationships and dating. Today I did a little experiment and posted a totally fake profile on POF to see what types of interactions I would have based purely on looks, income and social status. The profile is of a 40 year old man who runs a very successful business and is overly educated with a extremely high income. He is also tall, athletic, has model good looks and a variety of diverse and interesting hobbies and interests. I have no intention of actually communicating with anyone and just observing how females approach guys who appear to tick all of the boxes. In the
‘Like Me » feature I have liked every female who has simply ignored me regardless of how witty and intelligent an approach I have made. It will be very interesting to see how superficial the females on POF who consider themselves to be a trophy catch actually behave when confronted with the man of their dreams.

By. Jeskemo

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  1. I completed the experiment and it turned up some interesting results. To provide balance I made a second female profile of a very attractive female who is educated, reasonably well off and ambitious in life.

    The male profile got a great deal of attention from females who were both super attractive and also females who are not so attractive. The majority of messages were a simple Hi and not a witty or particularly long introduction. The female profile also got a great deal of attention from lots of males who also were sending a simple Hi as their first message.

    It was interesting that most females and males were respectful in their approach with the odd exception who were rude and came across as very entitled. To all of the people who sent a message I sent a simple message back thanking them for their interest and telling them that they were not what I was looking for. I also wished them a merry christmas.

    Most people of both genders were actually surprised to actually get a response and were very complimentary of either profile for replying. However there were people who simply didn’t like rejection and tried to further the communication after it had been made clear that there was no chance of ever meeting up.

    In conclusion I think that this experiment has shown that people of both genders use POF as a genuine way to meet people and that for the most part people don’t use much imagination when introducing themselves. It also points to a reason why people have their accounts banned by the admins of the site. In closing I would just like to say that I met a lovely lawyer the other day the conventional way and I will be seeing her again very soon

  2. Maybe the fact that both are super attractive ruins the validity of the experiment. Obviously ALL the women will chase the hot dude, the same as men will a hot woman. The dudes that are tens will always get the women, that’s never in doubt, but the internet allows for anonymous sex so now there isn’t the peer group social conscience and the tens are nailing all the women.

    If you used a male and female 7, I think the results would be seriously skewed. The female would still get mega attention but the dude would get about a quarter of what she got.

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