POF : PoF in a nutshell

POF : PoF in a nutshell

Ok, so this has been a journey i always avoided dating sites and apps, infact I’ve only ever met a girl off the net twice, both times ended in disaster, this last time my now ex-roommate was all like yooooooo, Neft do the tinder and plenty of fish thing, you won’t regret.

After a few days of thinking it over I say « what the hell » and I dive in.

First day on PoF I found a few real people, my second day… I found three escorts… Let’s just say I am licensed by my state currently so that provided some awkward yet hilarious entertainment.

Day three: oh my god so many fake accounts and bots telling me to add them on Kik and snap for webcam shows and premium snap.

I even ripped apart their websites and sent them their own credit card widget back as its own link, that provided me with entertainment, one person after I did that even said « ok, forget the site just cashapp me 100$ » like bro, I have an IQ of 200 I’ll send you a pic of 100$ instead with a caption that says Cashapp sent.

They didn’t exactly appreciate my humor.

Time goes on, I meet two girls things go well, we start talking off the App I’m like aight, let’s see how serious they are, made plans to meet, the day of the meet for the first one immediately out of the gate.

« I can’t afford gas and my tire is blown »

This one claimed to have her own business, later on that day she also tells me she can’t afford food.

I decide to reverse image all the pictures she sent me, each picture is on a diff twitter account, im like aight, she a catfish but the food thing might be real.

I questioned her some more, she’s just having a tough week and only needs food that day to make it to her next pay – like I get it times are tough so I paid for her dinner.

Like I felt for them ik what it’s like to go hungry.

Several failed attempts later, it always being « gas money » and me claiming I can’t pay it when let’s be honest I could and can.

Month goes by with them texting me daily, every meet up attempt failed spectacularly, so I questioned them more tonight, about 10-20 minutes ago actually….

They showed me a screenshot of a crypto investment fund acc having 3000$ USD, at first glance it’s like aight, you just need to get passed the next week to cash out, however I looked at the bottom part….

Recent deposits 0

Total deposit 0

Like girl, did you just try to source edit someone who used to browse Intel exchange and RC chats on deep web?

I call her out on it, instantly she gets defensive and states I know nothing about the platform and it resets when it updates etc…. Even if that’s true the past transactions part would still at least have a date listed if anything…….

The other girl now she was one hell of a treat and by treat I mean she tried stealing my identity.

Asked for my license. Asked for my FB account. Asked me to make a green dot bank account for her use. Asked me to verify her cashapp account for her. Asked me to let her use my PayPal account. Asked me for my social security.

I said no each and Everytime and this girl even tried getting me to take out a 500$ loan and just give it to her.

Later on in the conversation she admitted she didn’t have a green card as well but was residing in America currently…

I reported it of course, I know it may not be the popular thing but like I don’t want to risk a 1% scenario where I know about it and get in trouble somehow and then lose my license and my job and no I’m not talking about my driver’s license.

By. Neft_ttv

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