POF : POF is a sexist site it seems

POF : POF is a sexist site it seems

Anyone want to explain to me why women get some premium features while men don’t? I found this out through a female friend that she could see the users who wanted to meet her as well as some extended profile features including if a person viewed her profile. So why is this the case huh?

By. NeverTrustPeanuts

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  1. To get more women to join. It’s like drink specials at bars for girls. They know the guys are going to show up no matter what. This helps with the ratios, and lowers the sausage party numbers a bit.

  2. This is not true at all. I am a woman on POF and I don’t get any extra features. Unless I decide to upgrade to a paid membership I get nothing extra for free

  3. I came here just to ask that question. I realized I’ve had access to premium features since I downloaded the app few months ago, but I’ve never paid for anything. There’s still the option for me to upgrade my membership, but I already have all the premium features. Is it really because I’m a girl?

  4. For the real ones where I live they are considered forever alone types, male and female. Then when you do meet them in person you find out why they are single.

    I’ve meet some normal stable people, but they are rare. Don’t be surprised if you see them across multiple dating sites, the thirst is real, to be up front most suck at relationships that’s why they’ve been on POF for years, excuse me, I mean they deleted their profile multiple times only to make a new one a month later so they look like a new profile.

  5. I tried to say this on another site and a woman refuted it and claimed it was not true bit it absolutely is. Women on POF have access to premium features that men have to pay for. I have looked at profiles in person from women friends and it shows when a guy viewed their message. I have been called out for not replying by some women. Yet they were not premium members.

    One thing they did allow for men over time was to send pics in messages. Used to be only women could. Now you can send pics after a connection is made, which is like 3 messages sent by each person back and forth. Then it unlocks that.

    Women can also add more pics without paying.

    Online dating and dating in general is catered to women. Men will be there regardless and in big numbers. These apps and sites need the women there for it to function. It’s like the ladies cover charge being waved at many nightclubs and drink specials only for them.

  6. Yep and it’s only for a certain age or region as well. I’m 26 didn’t get upgraded; however friends that I have that are 22, or 21 get automatically upgrades POF doesn’t want old maidens :/ lol.

    I tested this theory out created an account wrote my age as 22, and didn’t upload any pictures. I was seeing who read my messages, and I was an upgraded user didn’t pay for anything. I deleted the account after testing it, but yep it happens to some users and its age dependent.

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