POF : Pof is broken.

POF : Pof is broken.

Deleted my profile recently.

Seems like the guys are in desperation mode if they havent gotten off spamming everything and anything.. even the ugliest getting nothing.

Girls on there are just overwhelmed/ never had intentions of meeting anyone. Seeing the same faces regularly as long as I’ve been on there indicates these girls are using it from entertainment when they’re bored/ ego boosting.

Bots are fully incorporated and 1 outta every 5 profiles at this point is asking for me to follow on snapchat or visit some foreign ass site.

That rare occurance you meet someone either
a. No connection cause they’re off
b. They’re crazy
c. They think the same of you therefore they flake

Am I summing the experience up for ya »ll?

By. pizzapizzayoyo

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  1. I have been on and off pof since 09, and I am using it to find a serious relationship. Those don’t happen over night. I had a long term but distance killed us so we agreed to end it. I have had short terms and was cheated on before. Just because a woman has been on their for awhile doesn’t mean they are using it for fun or because they are bored and want an ego boost. You shouldn’t assume. While I totally get that guys get lots of bots, seen a guy friends pof and got to see all the bots on it, doesn’t mean all women do that

  2. It does the same thing for me I met my last significant other on there it took me a year and a half to find her.ive been single for 11 months now gone through 8 women and lots and lots of ghosting going on and being ignored I really don’t think women are serious on there especially the ones. That say in there headline looking for a nice guy hello I’m a nice guy I message them and never get a reply. I think I have had about enough of that site having bots messaging me first when the real women dont.

  3. I met a great guy off there a couple of years ago, but it didn’t last. Since then I get about 1 message a day that’s a variation of « u ok hun? » or « nice tits » or « want to get to know each other? »

    My profile is quite long, includes jokes and ideas on what to message me about (i.e I’d love book recommendations or games on steam recommendations or just message me if you’d like to play some games together!) but I am pretty sure no one reads profiles. Whenever I send a message I either don’t get an answer or the dude just wants to hook up.

    It’s like all the men are thirsty af, but none of them know how to turn on the tap 🙁

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