POF : Pof upgrade con

POF : Pof upgrade con

I would just like to inform pof users that are thinking of upgrading for the meet me part, Don’t I upgraded as I had over 100 people wanting to meet me which peaked my interest only for it to turn out that about 90 of them were fake accounts. I still get about 10 a day and when I go to check them the accounts have been removed, I believe pof use this method to try and get customers to upgrade.

I have met a few nice people through pof and the last one I had a relationship for 1.5years so it does work but I had never been upgraded before now and definitely wouldn’t recommend it as the benefits aren’t worth the cost.

By. JTB1972

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  1. Isn’t it obvious? All the features we used to get with a paid membership are now optional and require an extra payment. It’s a crystal clear scam.

  2. This is not new though. They have been doing that for the last 2yrs. OKC does the exact same thing. POF is free and upgrading gives you nothing, same with OKC. A few people actually posted about it on here


    When I first signed up on POF in 2009 the only thing a paid membership got you was a dot and stamp on your profile saying you were an upgraded member. Not worth upgrading for this at all considering most of the people on it are not real profiles anymore

  3. My profile is hidden so I don’t have to worry about it, I don’t care for the meet me feature to begin with, you’ll never get anything out of it period.

    People that want to pay, to me are desperate, I’ve had good success with POF the times I’ve used it, I’ve had some great times, quick ones, forgetful ones and lasting ones.

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