POF : Poof! from POF she went

POF : Poof! from POF she went

Yesterday and today I had some nice naughty talk with this lady in POF. I just checked if she was online but she simply disappeared. No trace of her except for the notifications in my account. No explanation.

Another sad experience at POF. Newcomers beware.

Oh, and please follow this advice: every time you send a message, take a screenshot of it. Always. It can be useful for any situation, such as this one (so you know it wasn’t a dream, heh).

By. Soupnaut

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  1. Or maybe poof he went. A lot of guys pose as women to try to have sexual conversations with straight guys. Be careful! I think before having any type of a naughty conversation making sure to video chat or FaceTime with the person is important.

  2. Loooool, it was a scammer or a bot, real women don’t go into dirty talk right off the bat, you have to establish a bit of banter and flirting first.

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