POF : Profile Bugbears…

POF : Profile Bugbears…

Does anyone have real bugbears when it comes to profiles. I have a few and it’s not rocket science when on a dating site:

Lose the sunglasses- we want to see what you actually look like.

Group picture- which one is you (OK if there are other pics also with the person on his/her own but not as the only pic)

Half a face – what’s that all about? Nose upwards or nose downwards – not a full face. Eh?

Pictures of scenery – errr….

No profile description. Sorry, but I feel if you are serious about meeting someone you need to invest a little bit of time on a profile description. Just putting “ask me” is almost like saying “I can’t be bothered”.

Men holding fish.

By. KazzyJJ

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  1. All of the ones you posted, lol. Plus;

    Any profile with no full body shot. I thought it was common knowledge to have both close up and full body but I guess some ppl didn’t get the memo.

    Profiles using filters. I thought that was a teen girl thing but I am amazed at how many guys use the puppy filter in their pics. And I’m sure guys are over the girls who put them in there too. Let’s just say, no filters for everyone!

  2. I thought that only women did these things. Every pic with some kind of Snap filter or 7 group pics. Drives me nuts. I also see a ton of women holding fish. I just assume they are trying to appeal to the guys in my area.

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