POF : Profile photos – always blurry

POF : Profile photos – always blurry

I’ve searched quite a bit online and found that a lot of people state that you have to reduce the size of photos before you upload. I’ve tried multiple ways to reduce the sizes.

Once they upload the small thumbnail looks “ok” but not great and then if you click to view the images so you see the bigger size then the photos are definitely blurry. I’ve tried the mobile app, mobile browser and desktop browser.

I don’t think it’s related to being an upgraded member because I’ve seen members not upgraded with photos that are fine.

Can anyone tell me what to do when using a pic taken with a newer IPhone? What is the size that the pic has to be and any apps that are suggested?

By. Dogs0fwar

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  1. Photos get blurry when you blow them up, not shrink them down. And depending on the amount of JPEG compression, JPEG compression causes blurriness as well.

    To resize the photo, use an image editor. I use a free one called GIMP. It’s available on both Mac and Windows.

    You can download it here -> [](

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