POF : Prompts That « This User Only Receives Messages From Upgraded Members » Is A Sham.

POF : Prompts That « This User Only Receives Messages From Upgraded Members » Is A Sham.

I see this prompt start to pop up more and more these days. When you go to message a certain user, the prompt comes up telling you they only receive messages from upgraded users. The first few times I didn’t pay it any mind. But as I saw it pop up more and more, it got me thinking how legit this is.

I know friends who use POF as well so I sent them the links to these profiles to test it out. It was hit or miss. 3 of them were able to send a message to her just fine if they wanted and another got the same prompt I did.

Seems like a ploy from POF to try and push their upgraded membership (which is a huge waste of money).

I don’t mind a site/app to try and push their paid services but to blatantly try and manipulate people is ridiculous. How many potential missed connections are there because women can’t receive certain messages from men because they get this random prompt?

By. Gringo0928

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  1. yeah….POF is a good idea that is failing. At least that is the feeling i get.

    It seems like they can’t find a good way to monetize the traffic, and, everything they try comes off as offensive or counter intuitive. What they obviously really want is: making it membership required, but, that is obviously going to reduce the dating pool so they can’t.

  2. It’s a criteria someone can select in the setting options for the mail. I once selected it unknowingly, and I only got messages from upgraded users, and one let me know it’s a setting I had and why I just want messages from upgraded users, so I was able to fix it thankfully.

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