POF : Quick question about profile restrictions?

POF : Quick question about profile restrictions?

I got a message today from a girl who’s 3 years older than me, totally 100% my type though so I replied. Haven’t heard back yet. Checked her profile and she has an age restriction on mail that I don’t meet (27 and up, I’m 26). Does this mean she can’t see my reply?

By. Lenwulf

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  1. I had this happen once. A girl messaged me and I tried to message back but it gave me an error because I was outside of her age range. I don’t think the message got through. It’s mind boggling why POF doesn’t block them from sending the message in the first place to remind them that this person wont be able to message them back.

    EDIT: Apparently this is incorrect and you can always message people back if they initiate contact. I am unsure what was going on when this happened to me.

  2. Can you bump your age up so your message can get through? If she sent you a message, I’m guessing your age isn’t an issue and you can always bring it up later.

  3. Since she messaged you first even though she has an age restriction/limit on her settings you can still message her back. This is only because she the one who had the restrictions on her profile messaged you first. If you were to message her first it would not go through. POF clearly states that if you have any restrictions such as age limit or distance and you message someone outside of your limits then, they can message you back. Once you message someone outside of your restrictions that one and only person you message can contact you, because you null and void that restriction with only them.

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