POF : Women’s Pof profiles

POF : Women’s Pof profiles

Women « won’t respond to just hi » but has nothing in her profile but « prefer not to say » and « . » 😡 …well if he’s worth it or interested he’ll make the effort. He doesn’t know you yet. An intelligent good looking man with a lot of options is seeing how much of a pain in the ass you will be. He doesn’t sit there and pine over your profile thinking he’s missed his one chance at love. He’s busy talking to the girl who makes it easy for him. So women If all you attract are weirdos and desperate losers take five minutes and write a good profile. P.s. I’m sure there are some men …equally frustrated …that have an empty profile also

By. dzl252002

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  1. This sub is so anti women. I cannot even tell you how many men have nothing in their profile either. I think to be successful in online dating every person regardless of gender needs to have something in their profile to give potential matches something to go on

  2. i have a fully filled out profile, and my writing is pleasant enough to scroll through what im looking for, interests, etc. however, i still get creepy dudes. you are under the impression that everyone reads the profile. a lot of times they go off of looks and message. idk how many times ive been approached by couples, women, extreme kinks and people not even in my area (i request to only speak to men within the metro area) that would not have sent me a msg if they actually read profiles.

  3. My profile was fully filled out. I prefer guys who fill out their profile and have stuff about them in it. I can understand if they just signed up but don’t go months without filling it out

  4. Men who have blank profiles are always the ones who just say « hi ». I have a long and detailed profile with several suggestions of things to talk about (i.e. Message me if you want to recommend a great video game or book, or if you have a fun D&D story, or if you’ve watched a film that really moved you recently). If a guy with a good profile just said hi, I’d have something to go on. But it’s aaaalllways the blank profiles. Or « just ask » profiles. That’s why women write « don’t just say hi ».

  5. POF is garbage. the women on it are, on the whole, garbage. Fat, ugly, with weirdly over-rated opinions of themselves, entitled, and rude.

    Honestly, leave the pit of dross that is POF behind and you will thank me.

  6. Haha, if you’d really be

    >An intelligent good looking man with a lot of options

    then you wouldn’t be


    by dating apps. Admit it OP, you’re ugly.

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