POF : Quickest you’ve gone from first message to meeting up?

POF : Quickest you’ve gone from first message to meeting up?

Just like the title says. I want to hear other stories on this.

For me it was the next day. I first messaged her on POF on a Sunday afternoon and we moved onto video chat within an hour and decided to meet up the next day. We ended up dating for four months.

This was back in 2010.

By. DanFCB1983

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  1. I meet a woman who messaged me first and straight up invited me to meet her. We had a nice date, but I wasn’t interested in meeting her again. Still, it was time well spent without anxiously waiting for replies over the course of several days.

  2. in 2016 a girl messaged me on a Sunday and she was the hottest one I had seen on pof the 2 weeks I had been on there, I didn’t think she was real and said I wanted to meet her now, she said yes and we met at a local Italian grill/bar, it was inside of 2 hours, we left the bar and went to her apartment and had some fun, she was a stripper and had done some porn lol, we got along great but after about a 2 month fling I had to give her up because she wouldn’t give up drugs. 🙁

    edit: wanted to say if a girl messages you first you are in if you don’t do something dumb but they are far and few between, took me from then until 3 weeks ago to get another message from a girl that I was into and we met out the next day, we are still hitting it off well seeing each other every weekend now.

  3. Less than a day. I got the messed-up addict jackpot. She did meth every day for 4 years, and got super drunk during our « date ».

    Nothing like a weird blowjob when she takes her top dentures off before doing so.

  4. A girl messaged me in morning, met in evening, she wasn’t what her picture said. Got high and drunk on date, asked me if she could stay over as she’s too drunk and left in morning. In evening I received calls from my bank for fraud charges total of 350$ and another Venmo charge to herself for 150.

  5. For me it was within the hour. I told a girl I would hang out with her, she asked me to take her to dinner, then we met up. Only lasted 1 date though, but it was nice to cut out all the bullshit for once.

  6. I just had a woman today ask me to immediately meet up within 20 minutes of sending my first message to her. I said I couldn’t now because of a home repair I was dealing with, but to exchange numbers and we could set something up in the next day or two. Get number, sends me a pic that looks a lot different than her main profile pic, and keeps insisting she’s ready to meet now and for me to pick a place nearby. While I like to cut to the chase on these sites, I found this interaction to be very odd considering I explained my situation at home. Reeked of desperation to me.

    But to your question, I’ve met women within a day or two of the first message and almost every time I do the asking, initiating, and planning. Which as a guy I don’t mind as it shows the confidence and assertiveness that most women are looking for.

  7. It was on Bumble but a woman matched and messaged me at 5:30 asking to meet for an ice cream at 6:30 if I could make it. Met up and it was a 4 block walk of a disaster and we parted ways. Saved a lot of time and energy.

  8. Met same day as first message few times for sex back in the pof good days (2010ish). Remember one I started chatting mid evening and she was round mine hour or so later. And I’m not tall or anything special. Don’t think I ever spoke to them again, and same for them. We all got what we wanted. Dating sites were simpler and more genuine then.

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