POF : Rate my profile?

POF : Rate my profile?


By. amazingred09

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  1. Your profile needs a lot of work. So you’re looking for someone to date who will drive you around? I think it’s a good idea if you’re looking for something serious to have a drivers license…

  2. So a few things;

    Get rid of all the selfies inside in the same shirt. Get photos taken by others, if you don’t have any bribe a friends to take some. At least one face shot and one full body shot.

    Profession – spell it out don’t use an acronym

    As for the about me, you have said pro wrestling three times, tone it down to one. Girls will love that you have hobbies and interests, but remember most have no interest in wrestling and mentioning it so much makes it sound like that’s all there is to you. Maybe restructure to two sentences on hobbies and interests, two sentences on what your doing with your life (work, education, friends, gym etc), and two sentences on what you are looking for.

  3. I’d say add more detail. Everyone likes books, music, and movies or hanging with family and friends. There’s no point in writing that.

    Mention some of your favorite books. What’s the last book you read?

    What kind of movies do you prefer? What’s your favorite movie or one you could watch over and over? Last movie you saw in theaters?

    Favorite band? Why are they your favorite? Last concert you went to?

    What do you do with your friends? (That isn’t mentioned elsewhere)

    Also, with the group pictures, they’re nice but no one wants to play detective searching for you in a crowd. Highlight yourself somehow, whether it’s an arrow, circle, or you could put the picture in MS Paint and block out everyone else’s faces.

  4. Well I’d suggest not going to Pof to find a good woman, just a good woman to fuck. But again it’s just a suggestion my friend

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