POF : Re

POF : Re

Still on pof worse dating app ever

Anyone single from uk

By. Prestigious-Click90

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  1. Bro couldn’t agree more. I have a porn addiction and it’s so frustrating being an introvert aspie with Asperger’s disorder Plus covid-19 on it’s difficult to meet women and I don’t like approaching women. So my Hope was with this app I can meet women what I found was I was hoping that I could snag some older ladies I found them to be more stuck-up and more Bitchie than girls my age. nobody wants these women yes here yet here I ama young guy thgeybwant nothing to do with me. Because I’m so despeate I’ve deleted and signed up for this app may be over 30 times in the past year shaking my head it definitely brings out the bottom of the barrel ugly woman and it’s pathetic that you they are so far gone mentally I can’t even get it’s kind of sad being a 30 year old virgin and realizing that all the shit you washed in porn wanting to meet older women like that in real life is much more difficult and that they’re only really heading for the money and I won’t believe anybody in the porn industry tell me otherwise cuz it’s ruined dating for me.

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