POF : Really getting tired of pof

POF : Really getting tired of pof

Every time I think a woman cant hold a conversation then they all block you when you think. They are interested what’s the point of that site when no one replied and just blocking you in the end?

By. CobraCommander85

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  1. Not even going to address this « issue » since we don’t know what your profile looks like to get a female POV first impression.

    I will say that after skimming your Reddit post history you need to deal with your breakup and achieve some kind of closure before you continue throwing yourself at random women.

    It’s as if you’ve locked yourself into a cycle where reality isn’t matching your expectations, and you’re resenting not being in control of other people’s reactions.

    Not healthy.

  2. It seems to me, just based on how you write and how you’re responding to people that you can improve your chances by proofreading and not being a dick.

  3. I am a woman and I can’t stand it when people block people on POF just because they got a message and didn’t respond because they were not interested.

    Personally if you are going to block someone on POF at least have a good valid reason for it. Reasons can be they kept messaging you after you said you were not interested. They sent you a mean and nasty message. Block someone you had a date with who looked nothing like their photos. Blocking someone all because you got one message from them and are just not interested is stupid.

  4. women use it literally for boosting their confidence and literally just using men for free meals, attention and to hopefully find a sugar daddy!! seriously i hate the site !!

  5. I’ve never blocked anyone on there except for guys who insult me or do creepy things like repeatedly messaging me about my feet. And a few for sending me the same copy and paste message more than once.

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