Dating : Don’t Date Women Who Rate You

h2>Dating : Don’t Date Women Who Rate You

Reno Omokri

Don’t Date Women Who Rate You

Dear single men,

Some women RATE your FINANCE before they agree to DATE or ROMANCE you.

How can you identify such women?

They only care how much you EARN, not how much you YEARN for them.

Run for your LIVES and don’t make them your WIVES.

By the way, I have recently been informed that SLAY QUEENS are preparing to PROTEST against my #RenosNuggets for spoiling their business. My people, please help me! Who knows their leaders? I shall not go the way of Senator Abbo. I plead for mercy! Mercy! Dear SLAY QUEENS, I will retrace my steps henceforth! #FreeLeahSharibu

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