POF : Scam Warning

POF : Scam Warning

Hey, I just wanted to let you all know the user Jas2Jazzy4u is a scam user. I had recently moved into the area and tried the site to meet people. Talked to the user, was supposed to meet up with them and they no showed. The next day I get a call from a South Carolina number claiming to be her father saying she is a minor and his wife wants to press charges but if I agree to pay he can convince her not to.

So like a sensible person I told him to fuck off, he said his wife would press charges. I googled the scam and saw South Carolina is famous for it and will probably have a fake detective call me tomorrow, which I intend to record (1 way consent in my state) and provide to the FBI since they apparently have an on-going search into South Carolina extortion rings.

I decided to research further and saw the account now has moved locations to Springfield, Massachusetts, and has previously been listed in Fresno, California and a few other cities. Changing profile pictures between white, black and hispanic women.

I reported the account on POF but I doubt they’ll delete it.

By. Thegraciesdid9eleven

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