POF : Why do fat/obese women message guys that list weight loss/gym as their interests?

POF : Why do fat/obese women message guys that list weight loss/gym as their interests?

Do they not realize that a guy who’s lists fitness, gym and weight loss in hi interests (and doesn’t look fat himself in pictures) is way more likely to snub them? I know there’s no law against it, but you’d think they’d have common sense to think a guy that looks after his weight is looking for a girl that looks after her weight.

By. Cynewald

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  1. Seriously?

    Just because they like the gym doesn’t mean they will snub a big women.

    I’m a big guy and snub very large women because that’s my taste including skinny women if I ever come across those.

    Just because I like travel doesn’t mean she has to.

  2. The same reason a fat guy will message a hot girl who is into fitness. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

    Source: I’m a fat guy.

  3. I mean, I’m a fit, good looking guy and I find some fat women very sexy. That ends at “obese” however… But I wouldn’t blame a fat chick for trying to get with a fit guy. Nothing innately wrong with that.

  4. First of all, I reject this premise.

    Anyone who goes to the gym will mention it, no matter what they look like.

    Secondly, some people are looking for someone to go to the gym with.

    Lastly, the phrases “active, active lifestyle, care about my health, healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, etc.” are commonly used by those who are not overweight, obese, fat, out of shape, etc. as code for “no fat people.” It’s a thing, trust me.

    Source: lifelong fatty who doesn’t go to the gym, and is looking for a partner who will encourage the habit.

  5. My favorite is how fat women feel entitled to a healthy weight man. Yet alarmist all women state that a fat man is at the bottom in terms of SMV.


  6. First of all how do you know that over weight women are overweight by choice? Sometimes medications can cause someone to gain weight, and sometimes its a thyroid issue. No offense but I wouldn’t assume all women who are overweight chose that lifestyle. Also maybe they are looking for a guy who will give them a boost and help them lose the weight. It goes both ways, because overweight guys do the same thing with girls who are fit and active

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