POF : Share your awkward moments on POF?

POF : Share your awkward moments on POF?

I’ve run across women I know on POF, but nothing remarkable or awkward really happened. Maybe a cringy. “Ha ha, what are YOU doing on here?”, but nothing worse than that.

Anyone have any *really* awkward moments to share?

By. BrainbellJangler

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  1. Well I was talking to someone who was working a detail and he was telling him how him and his wife (they were not married yet but were soon to be married) were getting ready to have a kid soon, and how happy he was. One night while doing the meet me on POF I came across a photo of a guy and I only clicked on it to see what the guy looked like, because his photo made him look super tiny. After I clicked and got to see the photo better I realized it was that guy who about 2 days before hand told me he was having a kid and getting married. Now whenever I see him I just turn the other way.


    Another time I was out in the city walking around and I ran into a guy who messaged me on POF before, but we never met because he just wanted to hookup and I didn’t. He looked right at me and then did the look around to make like he didn’t see me. Little did he know I watched him to that and I just laughed. Some people are shallow

  2. Well… Some coworkers I would never expect to be on POF…. That’s why I have my profile hidden most of the time … I can look at my leisure and I don’t feel pressured.

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