POF : She said banana!!

POF : She said banana!!

She said banana!!

By. photomediaguy

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  1. there is sometimes humans controlling the bot accounts, this is still a bot, who talks like that? « I am going from here<text> me on my number? » They put the marks around the word text to not get auto flagged by a bot detector.

  2. Dont be foolish…course it’s a bot… pof…has nothing but ugly chicks…you know the type of chick…who’s the ugly side chick…and her friend is the hot one

  3. What if it’s a way to make you think she’s a bot so you won’t message her again? Mind boggling LOL idno the site is pretty weird both men and women if you want the truth. Men on there are expecting Instagram models while women want prince charming :/

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