Dating : Ipsum Dolor

h2>Dating : Ipsum Dolor

Favour Olajide

Hey there,

I wanted to talk to you about something. But you must listen. I’m deliberately avoiding looking you in the eyes because then I’d stutter and not be able to say what I’m about to say. You know, your eyes are unlike every other person’s. The first time I looked into your eyeballs, I saw them blazing. Burning so fiercely that they cut through my skin and melted my heart.

They hooked me. As I walked up to you that day, I felt I was floating, invoking the spirit of the first man on the moon. I didn’t know if you felt a connection right then like I did. But when your lips parted to form that first smile, that was all the confirmation I needed.

I said I would talk to you about something. I’ve barely even started, but here I am grappling for words to utter. It’s your beauty. It’s impossible to put it in words. I can only appreciate such beauty as yours in amazing silence, the mouth open wide as if in a gasp because you take my breath away. Every. Single. Time. When God formed you, he must have said to his angels, “I… I, God, made this?” And Michael must have replied on behalf of heaven’s hosts, “you are God. Praise to you!”

I would talk to you about something. About you. I really want to. But I can’t find the words to say. These tears won’t let me. I’ve not told you, but I love to see you this way, eyes closed, speechless, and numb. Virtually every night we have laid in bed together in this last five years, I wake up and watch you sleep. To marvel at how I came to share a bed with such an ethereal being as you. Did I ever tell you you glow in the dark? Oh! No!

But seeing you now, it’s different. This white gown with which you’re adorned reminds me of our wedding day when I thought I was getting married to an angel from heaven, not a mortal from the earth. And I was right.

This white dress you put on, it lacks the glitter that your wedding dress had. It looks too bland and does not fit you well. Even watching you rest now feels different. It’s not like every other time.

Besides, I rather enjoy watching you sleep when you’re next to me, not when you’re six feet below, as you would soon be.

And that’s what I wanted to talk about. I may not get the chance to ask you this anymore. But please stay a little longer? Those burning eyes water my soul, and without them, I’d wither too. If you refuse me now, I’d understand. You are perhaps vexed at me.

When we said ‘till death do us part’, I thought it would be something mutual. That we both would have left this earth for someplace else at the same time. And continue our adventure. I guess I’ve betrayed you now.

These people gathered around us, all wearing black and dabbing their faces with handkerchiefs between sobs, they think I’m crazy. They’re right. Crazy is the least I can be for you.

Crazy is the least I can be for you.

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