POF : Should I not go back to pof?

POF : Should I not go back to pof?

Ok last summer I actually seriously gave it a go. I got some stuff I wanted not everything from it. But basically my issue is a lot of different things. For 1, I kept getting really douche bag guys asking me stupid questions. I deal with too many men. I was super friendly with who would show interest in the beginning but the more I look on here too many men seem like basically just angry or dissatisfied or jaded people and so I’m like maybe it’s not a good idea to try again. I have kind of thought maybe it’s too late for me to try anymore since I’m 25 now. I put my age as younger just so I don’t seem so odd weird etc… I did benefit but the guys I did actually find more real and possible options always ended up saying stupid stuff so I had to let them go I even went out with one. My issue was with him was he clearly didn’t seem to like me when I say that I just mean found me attractive even imo. So I kind of was like stopped talking to him altogether. But I wasn’t unhappy going out because I hadn’t done it even if it was with someone that didn’t like me. I was looking at the complaints on pof and the fact that some guys saying attractive women that messaged them or hit on them weren’t real really made me realize maybe it’s a waste of time going on there because you’ll deal with too much hostility. That I probably won’t have much progress. Plus the men that actually do talk to me many are the ones I could find irl which are never my type. I have some luck on dating sites. But how much? in this case is it really worth it? What sites have the most luck without having to you know put much money into it?

By. de24nv

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  1. I don’t understand why you’d have to put this overwhelming amount of effort to have a profile on pof? You either make one or you don’t. No one is holding a gun to your head making you dance like a puppet for anyone who sends you a message.

    Also, put your correct age. You don’t want to seem weird or odd? I’m a 30yo on pof. Trying to find a partner at any age over 25 isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

    Also, I felt like I couldn’t breathe while reading your post.

  2. Lmao. You talk about men being so jaded and here you are being hostile with anyone who responds. And you are lying about your age on there which is always a red flag. Grow up.

  3. First of all the fact that you lie about your age is just sickening to me on all fronts and I consider that catfishing. You are ONLY 25 not that old and you still have time to find someone. Why not be honest about who you really are instead of lying about yourself. When I was on POF I actually reported guys who told me they lied about their age. One guy said he was 34 when in reality he was actually 45 I believe and that really bothered me because I would of rathered he was just honest from the begining

  4. After reading your question and all of your responses… My answer would be a resounding and firm NO.

    Go work on yourself.

    But if you do put yourself on there; level up and be honest about your age. As a 40 year old woman, I think your attitude screams unstable immaturity… You want a decent, honest man but you won’t even be truthful about something as basic as your age. Have you even thought that through? How are you going to explain your age bullshitting in person without him questioning the rest of your integrity?

    Think Pooh Bear. Think.

  5. Stop panicking.


    Stop lying about your age, nobody cares how old you actually are, nobody will go out of their way to pick on you for being 25.


    « I have kind of thought maybe it’s too late for me to try anymore since I’m 25 now. »—-Why do you believe this?, this is some immature brat talking, you haven’t gotten married and had kids by 25?, why is that even a line of reasoning?


    Pof is admittedly, a bit of a hostile environment, even more so for men, it sounds to me like you found a couple of guys, went on a date with some, they didn’t work out then you had a massive panic attack about it not working, I am a guy, I have had bad times with pof, and a few good times, once ina while I knuckle down, get over the stress, make a new profile and struggle on.


    Don’t pay for the website, make a new profile, be honest on it, throw up a few pictures and stop lying about your age, this isn’t high school.


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