POF : Should I say I won’t be here long?

POF : Should I say I won’t be here long?

I’m currently living in a different town with my job. I might be here for up to 6 months, but there’s a chance it’ll only be for 6 weeks.

Do you think I should say in my pof profile that I’m here for such a short amount of time, or do you think it’s something to talk about when you actually meet up with someone?

There’s no saying I wouldn’t stay here forever if I met someone nice and could get work.

By. huterag

What do you think?


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  1. I’d really put your dating profile on hold until you get settled in, really you’re wasting their time, unless you’re both looking for a fling. I think once you mention you’re moving you’ll get a different section of people contacting you just for booty calls since you’ll be leaving shortly.

  2. Honesty wins hearts.

    It’s also unfortunate because there might not be a person who wants to try with someone who is potentially moving, but you’re going to get bit if you try to hide something that big from a date because they will think you’re wasting their time.

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