Tinder : This is the apex of conversation.

Tinder : This is the apex of conversation.

This is the apex of conversation.

By. Imslushie

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  1. These comments are split 3 ways between people who think it’s amazing, people who think it’s supremely annoying and people who have no idea what the fuck is going on.

  2. It’s called banter you fucks. Stop taking this too seriously. They probably are going to get married in a year from now and I’m sure none of y’all are going to be invited to the wedding.

  3. I keep seeing* this « you say yee haw but not haw yee »

    I can’t explain most of it, but — is that « haw yee » supposed to be like « how are you? »

    ed: seeing, not saying

  4. I don’t get it; so did you guys actually had sex?

    This sounds like an overtly complex mating ritual, something like what peafowls do; with all the feathers and weird noises.

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