POF : Similar streaming apps for UK?

POF : Similar streaming apps for UK?

Hi guys!

So I joined the MeetMe/POF app to meet new friends from my area, not for dating, and I love it!

I’ve met some really wonderful people so far and they have become irl friends, but there seems to be a lack of people from the UK, as it’s way more popular with the US.

I’ve made friends from all over, but I like to meet up in person eventually too. The stream just helps to get to the know person first, which is what separates them from being total strangers, and I feel a lot safer if we meet in person.

Does anyone of any similar apps where you can watch a stream and just chat nonsense and have a laugh?! Preferably one where you can appear in the other person’s stream, sort of like face time?

I’ve tried twitch, and they have great people from the US, but not many from the UK and I’m also not a gamer, so only really use the ‘just chatting’ community!

Thanks 🤩🥰

By. budasti

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