POF : So a girl I messaged back and forth all day yesterday just disappeared.

POF : So a girl I messaged back and forth all day yesterday just disappeared.

Just kinda sad that this is the norm. I had a good 10-12 messages to her and back and then she just disappears. I’m really thinking she might have been a bot.

By. marioshroomed

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  1. Not necessarily a bot. This happens all the time in online dating. Sometimes the girl gets busy, is chatting to someone else, forgets, loses interest in you, gets bored, internet no longer works. Could be anything, it doesn’t matter. Girls talk to many guys at once, you should do the same.

  2. I don’t think she’s a bot. The problem is, almost all of the women on POF have such a low self-esteem. That’s why they’re on that site in the first place.

    I’ve had more success meeting women on Facebook. They are not looking for a relationship there, but when the opportunity comes along for them, they are much more open and receptive. In fact, I’ve dated two women within the last 6 months from high school who I re-connected with on Facebook.

    Face it, when it comes to bringing people together, Markus is not in the same league as Zuckerberg.

  3. Honestly depends on what her initial message was. This site is full of bots that will send a generic message like « hey there » and try to persuade you to sign up for their cam site or whatever other scam bullshit they’ve got. They prey on lonely fuckers like us. Just a word of warning don’t fall for it bro.

    In your case, more likely it sounds like you just got ghosted. I think we’ve all been there, I wouldn’t beat yourself up about it. Or if she is indeed real, she probably has to weed through dozens of messages a day, so you might have simply gotten lost in the mix.

    Unfortunately there’s really no point in being optimistic about this. I’d just move on to the next one. Best case scenario she’s just busy and will reply later.

  4. I had a similar experience, was talking to a girl, everything was going great, we were both into cycling and all kinds of other similar hobbies. She was a vegan too just like me, which you would think is a perfect match. We planned to go on a bike ride together, it rained that whole week and then she found someone else.

  5. Here’s my advice:

    * Stop being creepy. For example when you said, « I prefer Caucasian » *shudders* Do you hear yourself???
    * Expand your search to 25-50 miles.
    * You need to learn how attractive you are. You’re not a 10, probably not even a 6, so don’t expect anyone to want to be with you that is a 7 or higher.
    * STOP BEING CREEPY! Example 2, « The old fashioned way is the only way imo. I go to malls often and sometimes clothing stores (that’s where the girls are anyways). But apparently that’s creepy. But eh w/e. »
    * Every profile should have at least 3 photos. One of your face, another of your full body, and one of you having fun outside your home.
    * revamp your profile to be better. If you’re getting no messages its likely your creepiness in the written word. Your summary is about you. Your first name, your occupation, what you like to do for fun, and what type of relationship you want, do not write that you only want thin athletic type women, again it’s creepy.
    * Video games shouldn’t be listed if your over 21.
    * Specific Anime shouldn’t ever be listed as part of your likes.

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