POF : Some Perspective For You

POF : Some Perspective For You

So, I haven’t been into OLD for long but here’s what happened. I messaged two girls on PoF when I have my profile active. They were read and deleted which was a shame because I was hoping to hear back. I don’t message a lot of people either. So, I figured just a numbers game.

Anywho, I then got myself a Bumble and Tinder account and a account.

Lo and behold I matched with one of those same PoF girls on Bumble and received a like from another on

I chatted to both of them and told them I had messaged them on PoF and that they didn’t respond.

They both basically responded the same way and told me along the lines of « if you knew what PoF was like for us, you’d understand. »

By. benhadhundredsshapow

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  1. Here is the thing though, I always hear the saying people who pay for dating are more serious than people who don’t. I find that saying to be a crock of crap! I paid for match and found the exact same guys on match and POF. I also met more nice guys on POF than I did on Match. Match is a scam because the second my sub expired it would tell me I had 11 messages when get I never got any when I was paying, and when I would message a guy he almost always was not paying for match.

    Met a guy off match only to have be a total full of himself jerk. He was condecending rude and he hinted throughout the date he wasn’t interested. He tried to blow smoke and I ended it early. Then he tried to come back with a message that said I had a great time lets do that again. I messaged back saying no thanks, we both know neither of us were interested

  2. I can relate to this. If you’re on all said sites(pof, okc, tinder, bumble), you’re going to run into the exact same individuals in your area.

    Looking back, I matched with one on tinder, only to realize I matched with her on bumble. She’s sent back zero messages.

    One keeps matching over & over again, but after trying to talk with her, she said we didn’t have chemistry(or some dumb excuse). Yet, any time she sees my face, it’s a « yes’ on the meet me, or a swipe right. A « shit or get off the pot » situation.

  3. > »if you knew what PoF was like for us, you’d understand. »

    I DO understand what POF is like for women, because there are too many prostitutes on it. Understandably, perhaps, other women will get approached in the same manner.

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