POF : Someone created an account with my email address?

POF : Someone created an account with my email address?

It seems that someone created an account on this website with my regular email address. I tried to reset the password so I could delete the account (given that I did not create it in the first place), but I have not yet received any link to do so. I also don’t know how to contact someone at the company to let them know that my email is being used without permission. Anybody have any experience with this or any advice?

By. jmd25

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  1. If you have a POF account, you may report a user that is violating the platform’s Terms & Conditions by logging in to your account, go to the fake profile, and click on the Report User link. There is one such link at the bottom of every profile on POF.

    If you do NOT have an account on POF, email your report to and include the details of your report. Please don’t forget to provide the exact username or a web link to the profile in question.
    I’ve taken this info from article with top POF questions: [](

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