POF : Spotting Fakes?

POF : Spotting Fakes?

though i’ll ask, 95% of the time i can tell a girl is fake i.e. looks like some porn slut or is that shity porn site spam bots. most of the time they message u with « hi there 🙂 ». but every now and they a girl that doesnt look fake and looks really will send the same type of message. what do u guys think?

By. tankball

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  1. fakes are easy to spot…

    they have gibberish profile names…

    they have numbers in their profile…these numbers are not related to birth year or age..
    for example they may have a unique user name, but with a number…. they have the number bc they have to keep remaking their profile… why would lovelyfutterby need to be lovelyflutterby632.. poor example but you get the point..

    many fakes, don’t even go to your profile, but message you anyway.

    fakes will often contact you in opposite times from your normal schedule… for example you get a lot of messages late at night or early morning hours…

    this is because they are on the other side of the world.

    many fakes have pictures that don’t match their description… says 30 but they are clearly 40 plus… says blue eyes yet they have Brown eyes in photo.

    many fakes have only one picture.

  2. I encountered a woman claiming to be a bored housewife who wanted attention.
    Her pictures are pretty hot, and she likes roleplay.

    I messaged her & she sent me her address.

    I’m not much of a looker, so I don’t know whether to trust this. It was to the point very quickly.
    If I turn up at this place will she really be there?
    Will I get robbed?

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