POF : The absolute eradication of anything even remotely like romance.

POF : The absolute eradication of anything even remotely like romance.

That’s what this stinking shithole of a website is, a festering pit of jaded women who are cruel, indifferent and assholish.

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  1. POF was actually the best free site before Markus sold it to match. They were actually match’s biggest competitor for the longest time because they were getting way more relationships and marriages than match was, when match finally bought it they started to run it into the ground. I firmly believe that match is trying to get people to join match and get off POF

  2. Dating sites in general are terrible. Ive actually met real girls on here( among the sea of bots and escorts spammers) but they just ghost and do one or two word replies. Damn the bots are better at convos than they are. Ive had more luck on Tinder of all places.

  3. I am dating a woman right now on POF and it’s going great. Yes, I get the honeymoon phase can be great with anyone but as of now, we both enjoy the hell out of it. We connected so fast. It’s moving along great. So there are people worthwhile on that app. You consider yourself a catch, right? There is someone for you on there but as with online dating, it can be difficult to weed through the trash to get to them.

  4. I got to agree. Just today I ran into two…

    One where her profile said that messages she received had to be grammatically correct, yet her grammar was terrible. I messaged her about it saying it was ironic, got blocked. Second woman’s profile said she was looking for a good man that was serious and not looking to play games. I wrote her a well crafted message that touched on our similar interests, and got blocked.

    It’s pretty ridiculous. POF isn’t the bottom of the barrel of online dating. POF is the sludge that accumulates underneath the bottom of the barrel.

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