POF : The biggest lie women tell is

POF : The biggest lie women tell is

That the first message a man sends has to be unique, heartfelt, and tailored to her profile. Complete garbage.

When a message comes through the woman will immediately check the man’s pics. If she likes his pics, she’ll reply. Otherwise she won’t. The message itself is irrelevant.

This is easily proven. Create a fake profile with a pic of a good looking man. Say ‘hi’ to as many women as you like, even be a bit sleazy with ‘hey sexy’, then watch how many reply enthusiastically. You can then swap the pic with that of an ugly man, send a few highly personalised messages, and watch how you get nothing in return.

Sad but true.

By. Nicksonman

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POF : Serious question: Why do they even message you to begin with if they aren’t interested? This guy was ‘lieing’ 🤣🤣