POF : The bots are getting more and more realistic.

POF : The bots are getting more and more realistic.

Some of these bots have 6 pictures and a realistically written profile, you know they are bots because the names have numbers at their end, and a woman living halfway across the world won’t bother messaging me.


Know how else I know they are bots?, they message me first, only about 3 women in 5 years have EVER done that.

By. Serveradman

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  1. Lol. That’s how I tell, when out of nowhere a beautiful woman messages me and calls me handsome, sweetheart and darling I know right away it’s a scam LOL. But that’s OK because within seven minutes, yes I have timed it because that’s what they do for a living. I have downloaded their pictures, and I have done reverse look ups, usually on the first two, that are clearest and I have a name of the person who is actually in the picture.

    I’m sure with all catfishers, usually within one week they ask you for your phone number or if you have Google hangouts and then they want to go to google, so I have a special email for that. And then within one more week they usually ask for an iTunes card for about $50-$100, which I will just ignore but I will come back with a question of will you please send me at least four pictures of your sexy self to this email address.

    They usually want to send the pictures over hangouts but that’s not what I want so once they send them over the email I have exactly what I need and they are getting lazier and lazier and some are not using a VPN so within about five minutes I take apart their email and search for their IP. Moments later I will have their IP address and a general area of where they live or where headquarters is. Lately it’s been in the Middle East but some have been in Hawaii and the lower USA.

    Christmas I had one demanding an iTunes card and I wanted to know what was the reason I would do something like that and “they’re” response was it’s because I’m beautiful. And then it got up to $6000 and then I decided that it’s time to cut ties.

    Everyone asks why do I waste my time doing that why do I like trolls run my life? And my answer to them always is if I can keep one of them going for eight weeks at least that means they’re not bothering somebody else that will actually give them money.

    And that is the lesson for today boys and girls. Happy hunting

  2. Some of them also have actual phone numbers too. I remember exchanging numbers with a guy who was clearly not who he said he was. His English was so broken and when I kept asking where he was from he would say Boston MA. I was like ok where in Boston MA and he said Boston MA. He tried to say he was overseas and asked if I had ever dated a military man before

  3. that’s kind of my whole issue generally you can have a genuinely very nice woman trying to contact and never get anything but really angry guys. Like what did I ever do to you? Only a few women are like me in my position. You just assume we’re all fake then get mad you can’t find anyone well maybe because you’re batting away anyone who was actually giving you a chance

  4. Sigh, just paid yearly and seeing this too. Just had to add my my profile for them to fuck off. Will let them keep my $80 but canceled my PayPal subscription.


    Within 24 hours I got 50-100 favorites, wants to meet, and « hey »/my screen name messages. Kind of insane and makes me want to run back to okcupid where I got no real messages but that’s better than wasting my energy blocking people. I need a bot to run AI/deep mind detection on their messages and auto block them, LOL.

    Another interesting fact is within a few hours the account disappears as well as messages and being on my block list.


    I feel like I need to route all emails now to /dev/null (if you don’t get it, think black hole).


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