POF : This actually worked

POF : This actually worked

This actually worked

By. HGxMusic

Read also  POF : Felt this was an accurate place to post these messages. My bad for wanting to study and being busy during the day I guess. I'm supposed to just drop everything to respond 🤷‍♀️ (which I did respond at least once each day he messaged btw).

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  1. props dude for even getting a response because now adays its rare to even get 1 damn reply…shit here I am, trying to get even 1 response is like trying to pull my own frickin teeth out. Seriously, it feels like I have to send the equivalent of 100 damn messages just to hope to get 1 response back and it’s not like I’ve sent weird/creepy/pervy messages…I try to ask engaging/interesting questions from their profile and still doesn’t ever seem to matter

  2. What’s the deal with girls and kik/snap? I’ve had a few girls that instantly tell me they would only continue talking to me through kik. To me that’s childish. If you want to continue a convo with me just ask for my #.

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