Dating : Does no one like me?

h2>Dating : Does no one like me?

Does no one like me?

Getting to a point in my life where I’m quite sure no one likes me. I mean not even my computer likes me, can’t type properly on this new one…

Sure it’s the BPD talking but still… Don’t have anything going for me, except this date tonight, a guy whom I sent nudes to already (come one, it was very hot and exciting half-sexting with a stranger). So you can only imagine where it will go but put me in this situation.

Also, don’t know how to get there as the date will take place in the East Village and I live in Brooklyn. On a regular day, I would just walk, but if that is done today I’ll show up completely drenched — and will most likely then have to pay for my own drink, which is an issue since I can’t even afford the subway.

Wish me luck on the date tonight. Lol. I hope this guy is chill and can handle me, I’d love to be happy and in love even if it is for just a little bit.

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