POF : To all of you having bad luck on POF

POF : To all of you having bad luck on POF

Don’t give up just yet. You will find someone who loves all of you. Both men and women have a hard time on this site and you will find someone who treats you great. You may not be having luck now but you will. Be confident in yourself and don’t get upset when you don’t get a response!

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  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    Just because you are using an app or a website doesn’t change the fact that dating is a work in progress, and that work will extend into and be ongoing even when you’re in a relationship.

  2. ive tried to be hopeful on pof i went to tinder already have messaged more real people and have a less wasted experience since you can only message people who are also interested in you!!

  3. I do feel like there has been a shift of sorts. Feels like people just don’t message anymore, like at all. I used to have some decent conversations a few months ago, but I’ve messaged literally hundreds of ladies and not had a single message back. I’m not gonna play the woe is me card, but I do have to wonder why the odds are so bad. And to get blocked even when you sent a perfectly nice and friendly message is also off-putting. Not sure what these people want… Some of these people are online everyday too.

    I understand that the ladies are fed up for sending rejection replies only to receive rude responses, or they too are having bad luck, but I feel like you gotta give and take sometimes. We’re all on this damn site, so if there’s no effort put in, the guys will just leave.

    Also, to OP, I’m aware you’ve been quite active on this subreddit; your posts are typically quite balanced and respectful, so that’s cool. So I don’t mean to disparage your point. However, for the men folk, it does feel like we’re losing a game that’s changed without the new rules being explained to us, and often our requests for assistance are met with a ‘oh well’.

    However, I know it’s not a personal thing, and there’s many men and women dealing with the same stuff. It’s what could best be described as ugly duckling syndrome; feels like you, and only you, are just so unlikeable, so unappealing that you can’t even get a single message back. I don’t truly understand what to do anymore. OKCupid seemed amazing, and the ladies on there were top tier, but the message system is screwed up and unfair to guys. I can’t use Tinder cause I’m blocked from signing in, despite barely using it (a weird error that happens to some people), and the big paid websites are downright scammy with their payment models. So POF seemed like the best option, and yet I feel like I’m getting diminishing returns.

    Anyway, sorry for the *200 word essay* (lol) but I do get your point, but I feel like this whole thing’s gone to crap. I just wish that effort, being respectful and taking care of yourself was enough to attract a nice lady of equal stature, but apparently that’s not good enough. *sigh*

  4. Its hard to have hope sometimes, i go through stages of occasionally finding dates, getting banned, remaking a profile, trying again until the next ban, I hope some people see this post and are inspired to carry on messaging people.

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