POF : To no avail…

POF : To no avail…

So… even if you’re attractive and do everything the person says to do, treat them with respect, love, and humility… nothing is ever returned. Ever. Even then there are some girls who act as if they are doing you a favor by talking to you. What gives POF?

It’s a bit exhausting to go through this with people and this is why most men become narcissistic. We show love and kindness and it isn’t reciprocated correctly.

By. Someguyintheworld12

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  1. I’m a woman on POF. I generally don’t message 1st. I used to reply to everyone that sent me a message. However, I found that if at any point in the conversation I responded that I didn’t see a match or connection….I got called names, asked questions to justify my feelings or blocked. Not all men are the same, but that’s draining, so I just don’t reply, or stop answering if we’ve chatted a bit. I’ve had the same thing happen to me so it’s reciprocal. I chalk it up to online dating.
    I appreciate a man that’s respectful and I don’t think you’re in the minority, OP. Just keep doing what you’re doing and try and blow off all the rude inconsiderate ones. I’m sorry you’re so frustrated!

  2. You can do everything right and still it might not work out. I know it’s tough but if you’re viewing these relationships as some kind of transactional thing where you do everything she wants then she likes you that’s kind of messed up to begin with.

    Dating is tough for men and women. There are lots of women out there more than willing to reciprocate your kindness. If you make these sweeping generalizations off a few bad experiences it’s going to make you bitter and people will pick up on that.

  3. I mentioned this before in other posts I commented on. I read the profile first for a guy before I read his message because I want to kinda see what I can get to know about him and see if we have anything in common. Once I read the profile I read the message, and if I feel like we would have a lot to talk about and are on almost the same page then I message back. If the guy wants no commitment (I want a relationship but do not want to rush anything, and let it happen slowly) then I am not looking for that, I am not looking to hookup. I don’t respond if I am not interested in that way. If I look at a profile and the guy doesn’t have photos or photos of himself then I won’t respond to the message. I have seen the show Catfish thank you, and had a guy try to catfish me before and I am not about to let that happen again. I actually had a guy who looked nothing like his photos when I got all the way to the date. He told me they were 5yr old photos. Then a year later I got a message from him pretending like he didn’t know me and we never had went out, and guess what he was using the same F****** PHOTOS!

    Women have it just as hard as guys do on these sites but yet statistics don’t really show that.

  4. What makes you think it’s any better for women?

    I’m tired of only being hit up by guys looking to just get laid and play psycho games.

    Online dating just kind of sucks all the way around.

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