POF : Tried POF a couple times. Review my about me section.

POF : Tried POF a couple times. Review my about me section.

So I tried POF a couple times. My first time was horrible. Met a girl in her 40’s looking to move out of her mom’s and into mines. Second time I tried a bit harder on my about me and had some better matches. Except I took to long to meet the girl and give her some d*CK so she stopped messaging me…

I’m going to try again and I’m thinking about putting this in the about me section.

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So I guess this is the part where I tell you how awesome I am. A little bit about my escapades in New York and Florida. Or how if you swipe left your gonna miss out on the time of your life. Well..I’m an honest, open ,humble man. Even if I wanted to lie, I couldn’t But that ain’t nessecarily bad. It just means I speak the truth no matter how raw it is and also take note. There is my humbleness. I try not to hurt feelings..

If your the type of girl that Like to spend quality time together. Then I think we have something in common. I appreciate your time and don’t want to waste it. So I ask the same.

Friday to Monday, I’m in the office helping people courageous enough to ask for help. and on my breaks I practice playing the guitar. I enjoy connecting with clients but when no one comes into the office for a session. I usually find them and teach them a skill or even learn something from them.
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I did not spell check for grammar. Also I don’t have pictures of me in Florida or New York. They got deleted a long time ago :(.

Be honesty, my feelings won’t be hurt. What should I change, add, delete, or anything else?

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