POF : Unwanted face pictures

POF : Unwanted face pictures

Am I the only one that can’t stand randomly receiving face pictures from dudes mid (terrible) conversation. Like, if I wanted that I’d ask. It’s happened many times on pof and I had a dude go apeshit when I told him I found it odd.

By. ThatColorfulDomino

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  1. I agree! I’m thinking to myself, « Am I supposed to send a picture now? Am I supposed to comment on your random pic, or congratulate you for going to the gym? » It’s so random. Haha

  2. You’re upset about a face pic? They’re probably just trying to show that it’s really them in their profile pics or maybe they’re just bored.

    If it’s a dick pic or some gross gym pic, that’s rude. I’d block them. But a face pic?

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