Dating : Have A Sweet Summer With These 5 Date Ideas

h2>Dating : Have A Sweet Summer With These 5 Date Ideas

Those summer temperatures are creeping up, even here in New England, and I’ll be honest — it doesn’t exactly make me want to leave the house. Still, when the mercury rises, we can’t let romance come to a halt. Sweeten up this summer with these 5 creative date ideas. From the beach to the bar, summer is full of opportunities to have fun and grow closer as a couple.

Play In The Park

No matter where you live, your local Parks Department is sure to play host to a variety of summer activities, from concerts to movies and more. Take advantage of these evening opportunities to enjoy local bands or see that blockbuster you missed in theaters; you can even pack a picnic and a meal al fresco. Plus, these park events are typically free, so they’ll fit into any budget.

Meet Your Minor League Team

Even if you and your partner aren’t big on baseball, seeing your local minor league team can be a lot of fun, and often nostalgic. My wife, for one, loves to reminisce about the Portland Sea Dogs, while I grew up giggling at the Staten Island Yankees mascot — a large, jovial cow. This summer, grab your date and head to the stadium. Tickets are affordable and, who knows, maybe one of those players will make it to the Majors one day.

From Farm To Table

There’s nothing more romantic than dinner for two — unless it’s dinner for two planned, picked, and cooked together. Take advantage of all the incredible product that’s in season right now by snacking your way through the local farmer’s market and then taking all of those wares home to make a magical meal. It’s not just that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, as the saying goes, that makes this an ideal date, but rather that food is both sensual and nurturing and cooking together requires collaboration and a good sense of humor.

Plan An Ice Cream Crawl

Nothing says summer more than a frozen treat, but we’ve got an entire summer ahead of us still. Instead of just hitting your favorite spot, plan an ice cream crawl. Make a day of it, exploring the different ice cream parlors in your area. Food crawls are best when they have a theme, so pick some favorite flavors and compare how the local shops perform, from the basic chocolate cone to elaborate sundaes.

See The World — From Home

Lots of people love to travel, but globetrotting isn’t always in the budget. See the world without leaving your town by creating themed date nights. Plan a playlist, cook a meal, and explore different world cultures from the comfort of your apartment. You can make these as elaborate or simple as you want; consider each destination a creative starting point.

Date night is a great way to maintain closeness in your relationship, to build special memories, and spend time together as a couple, but it’s just one tool in your relationship toolbox. At Emi, we emphasize building positive relationship habits every day through simple words and actions. Sign up for our text service today to learn more about how you can strengthen your relationship — it’s easier than you think.

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