POF : Username search

POF : Username search

Relatively new to Plenty of fish, and I’m wondering how I can check my ‘meet me’. I used to be able to pull up a user name search, and can still do so, but when I hit search I don’t get the results. It just shows me a bunch of people A few months ago it worked, I was actually able to view the person. If they ‘disappeared’ it showed that as well.

There’s another user, email, etc, but that appears for registering. The internet ‘claims’ there’s a work around but I fear that might not be very safe. The only other way, besides paying money (which I’m not doing) is either hope I stumble on their profile, or in the Meet Me section to actually like their profile, if it’s mutual I believe I can view it completely.

Any idea why it’s like this? Did they recently modify the search within the last couple of months, or is it some sort of mechanical error on their end? It seems to be very recent, I only registered for it early this year…

By. BeachBoysRule

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  1. > > The internet ‘claims’ there’s a work around but I fear that might not be very safe.

    Yes. It is called a search engine. Search the username + POF. Easy peasy

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