POF : Using Meet Me… Does it Hurt Your Chances?

POF : Using Meet Me… Does it Hurt Your Chances?

I’m a male looking for females. I often use the Meet Me feature to scroll through profiles, looking at their pages, and then shooting a message if interested. I put a good amount of thought into the messages, and then swipe right on the profile.

I’m wondering if following up the message with a right swipe is actually a bad idea. Although they can’t see who wants to meet them unless they’re premium, we all know that can be figured out in other ways.

Do you think I’m better off sending the message, and then leaving the profile without any swiping? Your thoughts?

By. MontagnaMagica

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What do you think?

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  1. You can’t leave the profile without choosing to swipe left or right.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with swiping right and sending a message. And good on you for putting some thought into your opening message!

  2. I think your approach works the best!!! Any guy can swipe right, and some are « serial swipers »…meaning they just mindlessly swipe right on all and hope for a match. The only way guys on POF really got my attention was by sending a message. Then I immediately checked the profile because « hey he took the time to write a text ». Either way, i would always respond back…unless there are obvious red flags on the profile.

  3. Does the “Meet Me” filter at all or is it random? If it filters, it’s worth it because hypothetically you’re seeing people that match up with you somehow. If not, you’re better off just using the search function for what you need and messaging from there.

    But the fact you write a simple message personalized to the recipient is always going to work in your favor! Better than 95% of people on all dating apps.

  4. I always get an email message when someone wants to meet me which has a link to their profile so I can look for myself. I’m not a paid member but this seems to be a loophole of sorts. If I want to see who it is on the app it takes me to the page to pay and upgrade!

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