POF : She’s too busy for ice cream, but willing to make time for sushi.

POF : She’s too busy for ice cream, but willing to make time for sushi.

Ok been talking to her since Friday. On the weekend it was sparse messaging on the app. Said on Monday she was deleting profile and gave me her number. So now we’ve been chatting through text and voice for 2 days. I asked to meet up for ice cream or something cool.

She said she was busy with preparing for some kind of baptism or something like that. I said ok next time then, but she then said what about sushi? I mean she literally just said she was busy, but now can make the time if we do sushi instead lol

We have not met in person yet, hence the quick ice cream meeting. Does this sound like someone looking for a free meal, or am I being paranoid? I said I’ll pass on the sushi as I want to be able to gauge if we have enough in common to actually date. I’m active exercise daily, like outdoor activities. She doesn’t work out or like outdoor activities. I rarely travel by plane, she flies at least 5 to 10 times a year. Thinking about just cutting ties before even meeting with her.

By. Rig_Chop

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  1. Could be a free meal gal. Maybe meet up at a park then go get sushi. But if she is sketchy bail at the park or let her know you are splitting the bill. If she is a keeper she will offer to buy you sushi.

  2. Yeah, her answer doesn’t track. You’re right to be confused and inquiring whats up isn’t unwarranted. Ask her what the difference between ice cream and sushi is for a first meet up. Maybe she has a logical answer (lactose intolerant?) Perhaps suggest coffee or tea instead. If she’s hungry they usually have food there she can buy herself. Or you can buy if you’re feeling it.

    The point is, don’t shy away from setting your boundaries and seeking clarification when needed.

  3. This is one reason I favor weekend breakfast as an initial meetup. The cost can’t go that high, no alcohol is involved and some women are more comfortable meeting in daylight. As a bonus, if it goes well, you can linger over coffee and have the day in front of you. None of that pesky need to get home because it’s late and work tomorrow.

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