POF : ‘wants to meet me’ feature on the ap

POF : ‘wants to meet me’ feature on the ap

The ‘wants to meet you’ feature on the ap is a scam designed to get you to upgrade, right? At least once a day I will receive a pop up messages on my phone that so and so wants to meet me. When I click on the name the ap asks me to upgrade in order to see who wants to meet me.

It makes no sense that someone who does not appear on ‘my matches’ (or has not viewed me) would want to meet me. I can’t imagine upgrading would yield a result.

Can anyone who *has* upgraded clarify? Thanks!

By. budpowellfan

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  1. Instead of clicking on the pop up message you go to the ‘meet me’ feature and they should be one of, if not, the first profiles that comes up asking if you want to swipe left or right. Then click on their pic to see their profile. Its like 50/50 it’ll be a real person or a spam bot.

    It does make sense if they dont appear on your matches or viewed your profile. If they’re real they were probably just swiping around based on only your pic, like on tinder. Otherwise, its a spam bot.

  2. Maybe you can try this:

    Be on mobile
    Note the users name from the message
    Go to your profile settings. Turn off “Users Can See That I Viewed Them”.
    Save your updated profile
    Go to Meet Me feature
    Tap on the picture. This will take you to their profile
    Check against users name from message
    Repeat with next Meet Me member

    Or, you can just turn off the setting that sends you a message every time someone wants to meet you.

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