POF : Warn?

POF : Warn?

I recently broke up with my long term bf. He was older and I thought he’d be good to me.

He chased me relentlessly etc I wasn’t ready for a relationship and he convinced me he was a great guy. Helped me so much as a single mom treated me like gold.

I started to get ideas he was cheating
He would bust himself
He was taking about his identity theft service alerting him that his pof info had been sold on the deep web
He said he checked it and ‘couldn’t believe ‘ the disgusting messages the ‘hacker’ sent to women on there
I found his profile
It was active a hour prior
I got all my stuff and left

I’m embarrassed to admit I took him back , I was retarded in love
Fast forward to a week ago decided to check adult friend finder bc I started to realize he was a lying sex addict

Found him on there, paid member he lied about it said he’d delete it etc of course I knew then what I was dealing with. He always would say he loved me he’s not cheating etc etc he was very good at this

I looked again that night found another profile which he was online with
He had shaved his beard for that one photo from chin down wearing shirt be had bought w me
I knew it weird that he shaved his beard a few weeks ago he never did that

I catfished him and started chatting it made me sick then I lost it and said I know its you

Next day all he could say is I was ‘such a liar!’ Bc initially I told him my gf had found it

I tore him apart via text
Got STD tests
Informed him of results the other day bc he gave me one

He didn’t believe me said ‘give me a break’ called me ‘crazy’ nope just smart and figuredit all out

He made a new pof profile and was active on it even after I informed him of what he gave me

I got them to delete it

Sorry for the novel
This was a guy who I was going to marry said he was my soul mate etc he courted me like you wouldn’t believe
It was all a Game to him probably

I feel like I need to warn women On pof about him a long time ago some girl put a profile of her cheating husband to warn

Can I do this ?
Or do I just let it go?

By. Away-Revenue

What do you think?

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