Dating : 4 Things to Do With Your Significant Other While Stuck in Quarantine

h2>Dating : 4 Things to Do With Your Significant Other While Stuck in Quarantine

Frank Natale

Social distancing and quarantine have made “normal” feel like a distant reality. When you are in a relationship, especially a new one, it is important to remember that your partner is likely feeling the same emotional strain that you are feeling. So here are 5 things you and your significant other can do to take your mind off of 2020’s apocalypse.

Yes, this is an absolute given. Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video are all great ways to confront boredom.

But sometimes streaming can be repetitive and get boring when you can’t find something you would like to watch. Luckily, the internet always comes to the rescue! I found this website called ReelGood. To sum ReelGood up, it picks something for you to watch based on your chosen preferences. So if you want to watch a documentary just do a little magic on your keyboard and in minutes you’ll be watching something interesting.

Also, just because you are away from your partner doesn’t mean you two can’t enjoy The Office with each other’s company! There is a chrome extension called Netflix Party that can allow you and your significant other to watch Netflix together.

So get a bag of your most buttery popcorn and enjoy a show with your special someone.

For those of us who were in the middle of our college winter semester when things went wack, the video chat and meeting software Zoom quickly became acquainted with us.

While it may have been a valuable tool for education, it can also be used to pass the time and do things that you and your partner do normally when together.

My girlfriend and I absolutely love to watch Youtube videos and make snarky comments about the people in the videos. So when quarantine entered full force back in March, we really began to miss one of our favorite pastimes.

On Zoom you can share your screen with people in the meeting, so my girlfriend and I were once again able to watch videos of Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita build creations out of Irish Spring soap.

Nothing says I love you more than a Chick-fil-a sandwich or a bowl from Chipotle. Whatever fills you up is likely available to order via an online food delivery service like UberEats or DoorDash.

The only time my girlfriend ever screams at me is when she is hungry, so why not make your special someone feel a little better by ordering them their favorite meal.

Most delivery apps have updated their services to allow contactless delivery and with the 21st century being in full force, you can get delivery from almost every restaurant.

So if you and your significant other are lucky to be confined together in these trying times, cuddle up on the couch and switch on your favorite show or movie and enjoy a bite.

If you are away from your significant other, try setting up a Zoom call and Netflix Party. Don’t knock it till you try it!

The great thing about multiplayer games is that you can play with someone that is 6 feet or 6,000 miles away and would have nearly the same experience. Another great thing is that the internet is a sizeable library for multiplayer games, many of them being free-to-play.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Club Penguin — My girlfriend and I have had some amazingly weird experiences while playing this revived version of Club Penguin. I think it’s best I leave this one unexplained.

Skribbl — Skribbl is a game where you are prompted to draw something based off of a word while the other player attempts to guess what you are drawing. From personal experience, I’ve learned that this game can either bring a lot of laughs or a lot of feuds.

Minecraft — Let me explain myself before you click away from this article! While not free-to-play, Minecraft offers hours of playing time and can run on almost any computer. Of course many of you haven’t played it since the 6th grade, but at least try it out or introduce it to your special someone. Who knows, maybe your significant other will let you place your bed next to theirs!

Jackbox Games — Jackbox sells “party packs” that include multiplayer online games that can support up to ten players. My girlfriend and I have had tremendous amounts of fun playing Jackbox Games and while not free-to-play, it is definitely worth the purchase. The company that produces these games even created a tutorial on how to play their games on Zoom.

This COVID-19 mess has put a strain on everything. It has put a strain on our finances, our mental health, and our relationships. But, we must always remember that the places we love aren’t going anywhere and the activities we hold so dearly to our hearts can be done later. Just remember, relationships have made it through a lot worse than this.

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