POF : what am i doing wrong?

POF : what am i doing wrong?

so i been seeking a female companion for almost 6 months now and so far i still get nothing. i am to shy to go out and meet women in person, so i go on POF, OKcupid, and some other apps on mobile. i do everything right on my profile such as give a good detail of who i am, and my hobbies, and i get mad that i see women on POF with very little info. i am a nice guy, i respect everyone, i go out of my way to help others, and i been working on my image lately. when i am talking to someone on POF the messages go back and forth with us talking normally and asking what do we do for fun. and all of a sudden the messages stop. I’ll even message them and say « hey » and i get nothing back. this is making me mad that i have an awesome personalty, i am funny, and i am always positive. i only have 2 main hobbies and that my Harley and playing drums, but then i finally see that those arent nothing special. so what the hell am i doing wrong?!

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  1. You just need to put up good photos. Have female friends select which photos look good to them, and use those. If there aren’t any, google « how to take better dating profile photos » and then start taking pictures.

  2. Google « what not to put in online dating profile » as a start. I see so many profiles from men that include « sexy » in the username, « no drama » in the profile, or tons of complaints. What you say in your profile does matter to a lot of us. Grammatical errors are noted in a lot of articles. Type up your bio in word or an email app and run it through a spell check.

    Try to have fewer selfies and angles that don’t have you looking down at the camera. Good luck!

  3. I’d expand your hobbies a bit to be honest.

    I like at least 8 things I can list off the top of my head as hobbies. If all you like to do is teo things, I don’t think we would be compatible. Plus those are pretty niche things. Drums? Sounds like a headache. Motorcycles? Not really into the risk of a head injury or having my organs squished when a driver hits me.

    Also make sure you’re messaging girls that are similar life goals. Do you have marked down as nothing serious but messaging girls who want to date or get married? Do you have “doesn’t want kids” or “undecided” and they want kids?

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