POF : What I have learned so far

POF : What I have learned so far

1. People who are pushy and aggressive turn me off.

2. Do not call me pet names especially on a first chat/date. That is reserved well into a long term relationship/engagement/marriage.

3. Please use correct grammar in whatever language you are using. Yes sometimes typos happen and I sometimes make errors too. Do the best you can and slow down!

4. Some people get mad when I say I am done for the evening. Listen people I have things at home to do. And yes sometimes I want to go to bed at 8 pm after a stressful busy day.

5. When asked for a phone number or asked to communicate elsewhere like google hangouts, what’s app, whatever on the first chat meeting, you will be dumped/blocked/deleted.

My 5 cents thus far. I am sure I will find more reasons. Stay tuned!

By. pointdevue2020

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  1. I was the same way when I used pof. I would have guys ask me if I have KIK and I don’t. I would respond with nope and I am not downloading it. I only give out my number on the first date if it goes well. I met a lot of crazies when in online dating.

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