POF : Word of advice when it comes to messaging on Plenty Of Fish

POF : Word of advice when it comes to messaging on Plenty Of Fish

Just because a woman doesn’t respond right away does not give you the right to bombard her with all kinds of hate and name calling. Everyone gets busy and the same goes for ladies who get pissed when a guy doesn’t respond right away.

If someone reads your profile and doesn’t think you are a match for them let it be, DO NOT send them countless messages because that will only get you blocked and reported.

Do not ask someone to download an app so you can talk to them off there.

If someone is not comfortable giving out their phone number respect that and don’t get all upset.

If something seems off in a message and red flag don’t respond just leave it alone.

Don’t send a sexual message as a first message no one really wants that.

Be creative in your message do not send copy and paste because most people can tell and will most likely either not respond or call you out on it.

Lastly if someone responds saying thank you but you are too far from me or we are on two different pages don’t take offense and flip out that makes you look bad.

By. Bostongirl4444

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  1. I got called a bitch for not wanting to give out my number, and another time i said i wasn’t interested and got called a bunch of names. People need to learn how to take rejection with a bit of grace

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