POF : What is a good first message?

POF : What is a good first message?

Any ideas? I usually start with  » Hi, I think you’re really cute. » Thoughts?

By. SplatterTheHouse

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  1. No. Not at all. Jesus fuck.Put some fucking effort into it, and dont give creepy fucking compliments. This isn’t the movies. Read their profile. Reference it.

    [« Hey there!I’ve just seen your profile, so thought I’d say hi.

    I’m <name>, I’m <age>, a non smoker (if they state that they’re a non smoker, or reference « no smokers »), and live in <Location>. Like yourself, I like <insert 1 – 3 overlapping interests>

    Up for a chat?You can ask anything you like »]

    Its low effort, but more effort than the opening you have.You need to message to stand out. She (I assume you’re a guy) gets 30 messages a day. All of them will be like the bullshit you’re currently sending.

    [Edit]: It seems that you post a lot in r/masskillers, so please don’t message anyone on POF.

  2. Please never start off saying a woman is cute, pretty, hot, beautiful, sexy, etc. It can come across as creepy and says you’re only interested in her physically. Also, please never call her any of those words as if they are a term of endearment or nickname.

    Now, focus on something in her profile. If she doesn’t have text detailing her interests, look for something in one of her photos. I always had someone ask about my dog or mention their dog because I have a photo of myself holding one of my dogs. It’s safe and shows an interest in something important to her. Just back away from the physical or generic.

  3. Mention anything from their profile to show it was actually read.

    And if all they have are photos and there’s not a bio to go off of, they have no right to be picky about your opener. Also, unless you have a sparse profile like that too, do you really want to interact with somebody so lazy?

    Basically, match their perceived level of effort because that’s most likely how they are going to judge a first message.

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