POF : What is the deal with the robots who want to meet?

POF : What is the deal with the robots who want to meet?

Almost every time I log in, some profile with numbers at the end immediately wants to meet me. If you look at the profile, she looks 24, age 48, and the account gets deleted a few minutes or hours later. Any idea what they get out of this? How does this scam work? Just curious…

By. facesofvader

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  1. I’ve replied to some of those in an attempt to figure it out. They have all tried to get me to sign up and pay for some « secured dating » site, that will somehow prove I’m an okay and safe guy. They claim up and down there will be no fees, except they must get a credit card. I think I read the fine print once, the secured site is free, however it grants you a trial to a bunch of porn sites which will charge you monthly after that.

  2. My ex was a stupid idiot and I used to catch him attempting to cheat and talking to robots all the time. Fucking moron. Lol

    Anyways theyre trying to lead you to pay sites. I once found my OWN pic on one and I was 19 in the pic but the profile said 28. She messaged one of my friends who begrudgingly admitted what he was doing(lol) so I could see that they stole my pic. I never heard back from them, they just deleted it when I called them out. So yeah, they’re using completely fake pics that they find online

  3. Scams like this is why we just launched DateAha! You can leave comments on top of any profile to warn other users and read the comments of others before wasting time.

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